What is Conan Exiles

The game Conan Exiles is an Open World game with roleplay elements with a main focus on survival. It plays in the world of Robert E. Howard’s hero “Conan the Barbarian”. As an outcast your task is to survive in an inhospitable environment and fight against terrific monsters, unruly weather, and other enemies.

The concept of a survival-based game is that the player is thrown into a world, completely without information about it, without materials, without clothing, without resources. The main task is to build a shelter, to build weapons and tools and to explore the environment for valuable materials, food and animals.

Even in a world full of barbarians, individual warriors are not as strong as whole groups. Together, larger animals can be hunted, stronger bases can be built and devilish enemies are easily defeated.

In the game there are many more possibilities than in many other games of the same category. Thus, NPCs can be enslaved, old artifacts can be retrieved and opponents can be crushed in brutal battles. Even big summonings of avatars are possible through the favor of the hyborian gods.