At the beginning of every game you stand empty-handed and the world of Conan can be very dangerous, it is almost an obligation to get a weapon as early as possible and make an armor. Of course, the first weapons will not be of sublime quality, but more powerful items can be created through improved workshops and recipes.

Therefore, it is useful to start with a shield and a weapon. These are versatile and protect against other melee attacks as well as arrows, but remember that these weapons do not last forever and are destroyed by intensive use.

Weapon types

There are a variety of weapons. Examples of these are short spears, axes, clubs, daggers, swords etc. All these weapons can be guided in one hand and can therefore be combined with a shield. Each weapon has its own advantages and disadvantages, so they can be thrown to catch any fleeing enemies, but they are destroyed very quickly.

As an alternative to a shield, you can also choose a side weapon, such as a throwing ax or a second weapon, but you are very vulnerable because of the missing shield.

If you are courageous enough, a two-handed weapon can also be chosen. These include, for example, the Pike, Warlords, Pistols or Bihanders. These weapons can keep the enemy at a distance or pierce through armors and can bring enemies to fall.

For those who prefer to fight from a safe distance, there are various ranged weapons such as bow and crossbow. These can also be used to ignite fires or even to cause explosions by busting oil barrels.

For the pacifists, there are still some non-lethal weapons that can be used to unconsciously torture future slaves into their own camps. These include, among others, the stick.

The fight

The fight with these weapons is nevertheless not a simple celebration of the happy senseless clicking. It requires a lot of tactical knowledge to fight a fight. Thus, it is necessary to react to the actions of the opponents and to be able to perform counter attacks accordingly. Likewise, all of the weapons, besides the fast attack, have yet another heavy attack, which can be a while vulnerable, but causing very great damage, which can also damage a shield. Furthermore, one can evade enemy attacks both backwards and sides and, of course, also block them.

Also choosing the right weapon is not trivial. Thus, certain weapons can perform much better against others than others. Counter archer does not bring a two-handed as much as a shield, against a crocodile is a pike better suited than a dagger.

The battles are not only very tactical but also very brutal and bloody. Opponents can be hacked, heads and limbs cut off, and bodies divided.

So it’s not unusual to die often. Prepare yourself therefore, and do not be afraid of the challenge.

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