The racial choice has no influence on game-relevant skills, only the appearance changes depending on the race.


The cultic breed of the world of Conan, are the Hyborians. A diversified race, descended from a tribe of the northern barbarians who destroyed the old kingdom. Conan himself is a Hyborian.


Descendant of Atlanteans, Cimmerier are barbaric robbers feared by all their neighbors.


Stygians are ruled in theory by the king, but the true power lies in the hands of the priests of Set-or in their rivals, a circle of mysterious magicians, the Black Ring.

Tribal Himelia

Flanked by enemies in the north and south, Himelians had to survive through loyalty to each other and violent mistrust towards others, which has strongly welded them together.


The Hyrkanians origined of slaves. The most famous tribe, Turanier, have built the kingdom on the Villayet Sea.


Little is known about the Khitians, they have the reputation as mysterious creatures. This reputation favors the reputation of their magicians.


They are little known beyond their borders, but traders are very well informed about the culture and the tribes


The pale, blue-eyed warriors from the north, the Nordheimers, are known for their physical strength and overwhelming bravery in combat.


The Picts are in constant war with each other and their neighbours, the constant struggle of the Pict countries has hardened their nature.


The nomads of the Shemites are known as man with bows and double-tongued trade, and the rural Shemins as skilled, civilized artists and craftsmen.


Darfarian barbarians are feared by the country, known as wild murderers and bandits, who costum themselves in the form of demons.


Known as the people of the Golden Empire, Vendhyans are known for their ruling caste of earthly beauty.


Zamorias are little trusted around the world, their reputation paints a picture of a race of master thieves.


The nobility of Zingara are renowned fencers and knights, while Zingaras sailors are hated in friendly ports.

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