Image ID Name Type
icon_stone-1.png Symbol 10001 Stone incredient
icon_bark-1.png Symbol 10005 Bark incredient
icon_wood-1.png Symbol 10011 Wood incredient
icon_branch.png Symbol 10012 Branch incredient
icon_bone-1.png Symbol 10021 Bone incredient
icon_undead_dragonbone.png Symbol 10022 Undead Dragonbone incredient
icon_undead_dragonhorn.png Symbol 10023 Undead Dragonhorn incredient
icon_iron_ore-1.png Symbol 11001 Ironstone incredient
icon_coal.png Symbol 11011 Coal incredient
icon_crystal.png Symbol 11051 Crystal incredient
icon_silver.png Symbol 11052 Silver incredient
icon_iron_bar.png Symbol 11501 Iron Bar incredient
icon_steel_bar.png Symbol 11502 Steel Bar incredient
icon_glass.png Symbol 11551 Glass incredient
icon_plant_fiber-1.png Symbol 12001 Plant Fiber incredient
icon_gossamer.png Symbol 12003 Gossamer incredient
icon_hide-1.png Symbol 12011 Hide incredient
icon_thick_hide-1.png Symbol 12012 Thick Hide incredient
icon_leather.png Symbol 12511 Leather incredient
icon_leather_thick.png Symbol 12512 Thick Leather incredient
icon_silk.png Symbol 12513 Silk incredient
icon_ingredient_ichor.png Symbol 12514 Ichor incredient
icon_raw_stringy_meat.png Symbol 13001 Feral Flesh incredient
icon_meat-1.png Symbol 13002 Savoury Flesh incredient
icon_raw_tough_meat.png Symbol 13003 Exotic Flesh incredient
icon_snake_egg.png Symbol 13011 Shaleback Egg consumable
icon_fat_grub.png Symbol 13012 Fat Grub consumable
icon_handful_of_termites.png Symbol 13013 Handful of Insects consumable
icon_scorpion.png Symbol 13014 Small Scorpion consumable
icon_seeds.png Symbol 13015 Seeds incredient
icon_human_flesh.png Symbol 13051 Human Flesh incredient
icon_eyes_of_innocence.png Symbol 13052 Eyes of Innocence incredient
icon_shredded_meat_roast.png Symbol 13501 Shredded Roast consumable
icon_grilled_steak.png Symbol 13502 Grilled Steak consumable
icon_roasted_hunk-o-meat.png Symbol 13503 Roasted Haunch consumable
13505 Grilled Steak unknown
13509 Roasted Haunch unknown
icon_gruel.png Symbol 13540 Gruel consumable
icon_devil_s_bonemeal.png Symbol 13550 Devil's Bonemeal consumable
icon_spoiled_gruel.png Symbol 13597 Spoiled Gruel consumable
icon_rotten_devil_s_bonemeal.png Symbol 13598 Rotten Devil's Bonemeal consumable
icon_rotten_meat.png Symbol 13599 Putrid Meat consumable
icon_arena_ritual_offering.png Symbol 13601 Arena Ritual Offering consumable
icon_aloe_vera.png Symbol 14001 Aloe Leaves incredient
icon_snake_venom_gland.png Symbol 14101 Serpent Venom Gland incredient
icon_locust_venom_gland.png Symbol 14102 Sand Reaper Toxin Gland incredient
icon_yellow_lotus_blossum.png Symbol 14151 Yellow Lotus Blossom incredient
icon_brimstone.png Symbol 14171 Brimstone incredient
icon_ingredient_pitch.png Symbol 14172 Tar incredient
icon_ingredient_steelfire.png Symbol 14173 Steelfire incredient
icon_ingredient_rope.png Symbol 14174 Twine incredient
icon_dead_womans_hair.png Symbol 14175 Dead Woman's Hair incredient
icon_tomb_dust.png Symbol 14181 Tomb Dust incredient
icon_demon_blood.png Symbol 14182 Demon Blood incredient
icon_dragonpowder.png Symbol 14183 Dragonpowder incredient
icon_human_heart.png Symbol 15001 Human Heart incredient
icon_unblemished_meat.png Symbol 15002 Unblemished Human Meat incredient
icon_lingering_essence.png Symbol 15003 Lingering Essence incredient
icon_human_heart.png Symbol 15501 Heart of a Hero incredient
icon_ancient_rhino_horn.png Symbol 15502 Ancient Rhino Horn incredient
icon_ingredient_building_binding.png Symbol 16001 Stone Consolidant incredient
icon_ingredient_iron_reinforcement.png Symbol 16002 Iron Reinforcement incredient
icon_ingredient_steel_reinforcement.png Symbol 16003 Steel Reinforcement incredient
16004 Steel Reinforcement unknown
16005 Iron Bar unknown
icon_ingredient_brick.png Symbol 16011 Brick incredient
icon_ingredient_hardenedBrick.png Symbol 16012 Hardened Brick incredient
icon_ingredient_plank.png Symbol 16021 Shaped Wood incredient
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30001 Scrawled Note consumable
icon_leather_journal.png Symbol 30002 Leather Journal consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30003 Prayer to Hanuman consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30004 Scribbled Note consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30005 Torn Parchment consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30006 Razma's Journal #1 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30007 Razma's Journal #2 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30008 Razma's Journal #3 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30009 Razma's Journal #4 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30010 Razma's Journal #5 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30011 Razma's Journal #6 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30012 Razma's Journal #7 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30013 Razma's Journal #8 consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30014 Etched Note consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30015 First Mate's Report consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30016 Black Hand Shanty consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30017 Salaceo's Instructions consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30018 Hunter's Note - Shalebacks consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30019 Priest's Journal consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30020 Hunter's Note - Hyenas consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30021 Hunter's Note - Imps consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30022 Hunter's Note - Crocodiles consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30023 Mercenary's Diary Page consumable
icon_scrawled_note.png Symbol 30024 Waterstained Note consumable
icon_improvised_torch.png Symbol 41031 Improvised Torch weapon
icon_water_skin.png Symbol 41032 Sealed Waterskin consumable
icon_torch.png Symbol 41033 Torch weapon
41034 Hand Lantern weapon
41050 Lodestone weapon
42001 Hide unknown
50001 XX_Set Favor unknown
50002 XX_Yog Favor unknown
50003 XX_Mitra Favor unknown
icon_pickaxe-1.png Symbol 51001 Stone Pick weapon
icon_iron_pickaxe.png Symbol 51002 Iron Pick weapon
icon_steel_pickaxe.png Symbol 51003 Steel Pick weapon
icon_stone_hatchet-1.png Symbol 51011 Stone Hatchet weapon
icon_iron_hatchet.png Symbol 51012 Iron Hatchet weapon
icon_steel_hatchet.png Symbol 51013 Steel Hatchet weapon
icon_multi_tool.png Symbol 51021 Pickaxe weapon
icon_repair_hammer.png Symbol 51031 Repair Hammer weapon
icon_warhammer.png Symbol 51151 Iron Warhammer weapon
icon_exile_stone_maul.png Symbol 51152 Stone Maul weapon
icon_warhammer.png Symbol 51153 Sledge of Tsotha-lanti weapon
icon_stone_club-1.png Symbol 51301 Stone Club weapon
51302 Yoggite Cudgel unknown
icon_truncheon.png Symbol 51303 Truncheon weapon
icon_mitra_ankh_staff.png Symbol 51304 Mitraen Ankh weapon
icon_basic_wood_bow.png Symbol 51401 Hunting Bow weapon
icon_composite_bow.png Symbol 51402 Hyrkanian Bow weapon
icon_basic_wood_bow.png Symbol 51403 Exceptional Hunting Bow weapon
icon_basic_wood_bow.png Symbol 51404 Flawless Hunting Bow weapon
icon_crossbow-1.png Symbol 51451 Crossbow weapon
icon_crossbow-1.png Symbol 51452 Exceptional Crossbow weapon
icon_crossbow-1.png Symbol 51453 Flawless Crossbow weapon
icon_wood_shield.png Symbol 51600 Wooden Shield weapon
icon_bone_shield-1.png Symbol 51601 Bone Shield weapon
icon_ornamented_wood_shield.png Symbol 51602 Wooden Targe weapon
icon_iron_shield-1.png Symbol 51611 Iron Targe weapon
icon_heater_shield.png Symbol 51621 Steel Heater Shield weapon
51622 Lantern Shield weapon
icon_ancient_iron_shield.png Symbol 51623 Ancient Shield weapon
icon_stygian_bronze_shield.png Symbol 51624 Stygian Shield weapon
icon_stygian_bronze_shield.png Symbol 51625 Setite Shield weapon
icon_heater_shield.png Symbol 51626 Exceptional Steel Heater Shield weapon
icon_heater_shield.png Symbol 51627 Flawless Steel Heater Shield weapon
icon_long_spear-1.png Symbol 51711 Iron Pike weapon
51712 Steel Trident unknown
icon_trident.png Symbol 51721 Steel Trident weapon
icon_long_spear-1.png Symbol 51722 Gavain's Rusty Pike weapon
icon_primal_sword-1.png Symbol 51801 Stone Sword weapon
icon_exile_broadsword.png Symbol 51811 Iron Broadsword weapon
icon_khopesh-1.png Symbol 51812 Stygian Khopesh weapon
icon_ancient_iron_sword.png Symbol 51813 Ancient Khopesh weapon
icon_exile_broadsword.png Symbol 51814 Exceptional Iron Broadsword weapon
icon_exile_broadsword.png Symbol 51815 Flawless Iron Broadsword weapon
icon_exile_broadsword.png Symbol 51816 Phoenix-engraved Sword weapon
icon_khopesh-1.png Symbol 51817 Serpent-stamped Khopesh weapon
icon_khopesh-1.png Symbol 51818 Exceptional Stygian Khopesh weapon
icon_falcata.png Symbol 51821 Falcata weapon
icon_cutlass.png Symbol 51822 Cutlass weapon
icon_cutlass.png Symbol 51823 Exceptional Cutlass weapon
icon_longsword.png Symbol 51831 Longsword weapon
icon_thrall_scrape.png Symbol 51832 Dry Scraper weapon
icon_yog_cleaver.png Symbol 51833 Darfari Axe weapon
icon_longsword.png Symbol 51834 El's Drinker weapon
icon_longsword.png Symbol 51835 Tulwar of Amir Khurum weapon
icon_longsword.png Symbol 51836 Exceptional Longsword weapon
icon_longsword.png Symbol 51837 Flawless Longsword weapon
icon_darfari_bone_club.png Symbol 51850 Darfari Cudgel weapon
icon_cimmerian_battleaxe.png Symbol 51851 Cimmerian Battle-axe weapon
icon_darfari_bone_sword.png Symbol 51853 Darfari Sword weapon
icon_darfari_bone_club.png Symbol 51854 Yog Cleaver weapon
icon_yog_cudgel.png Symbol 51855 Yoggite Cudgel weapon
icon_sacrificial_knife.png Symbol 51902 Setite Ritual Knife weapon
icon_Javelin-1.png Symbol 51911 Javelin weapon
icon_throwing_axe.png Symbol 51912 Throwing Axe weapon
icon_darfari_short_spear.png Symbol 51922 Yoggite Bone Spear weapon
icon_stygian_bronze_spear.png Symbol 51931 Stygian Spear weapon
icon_poniard_stone_t1.png Symbol 51951 Stone Dagger weapon
icon_poniard_t2.png Symbol 51952 Iron Poniard weapon
icon_poignard.png Symbol 51953 Steel Poniard weapon
icon_poignard.png Symbol 51954 Dagger of Nameless Days weapon
icon_poniard_t2.png Symbol 51955 Exceptional Iron Poniard weapon
icon_poniard_t2.png Symbol 51956 Flawless Iron Poniard weapon
icon_rope.png Symbol 51961 Fiber Bindings weapon
icon_rope.png Symbol 51962 Rawhide Bindings weapon
icon_rope.png Symbol 51963 Leather Bindings weapon
icon_rope.png Symbol 51964 Chain Bindings weapon
icon_rope.png Symbol 51965 Bindings of Dead Women?s Hair weapon
icon_light_exile_cap.png Symbol 52001 Light Turban wearable
icon_light_exile_armor.png Symbol 52002 Light Chestpiece wearable
icon_light_exile_gauntlets.png Symbol 52003 Light Gauntlets wearable
icon_light_exile_loincloth.png Symbol 52004 Light Wrap wearable
icon_light_exile_boots.png Symbol 52005 Light Boots wearable
icon_Medium_exile_cap-1.png Symbol 52011 Medium Cap wearable
icon_Medium_exile_harness-1.png Symbol 52012 Medium Harness wearable
icon_Medium_exile_gauntlets-1.png Symbol 52013 Medium Gauntlets wearable
icon_Medium_exile_tasset-1.png Symbol 52014 Medium Tasset wearable
icon_Medium_exile_boots-1.png Symbol 52015 Medium Boots wearable
icon_heavy_exile_helmet.png Symbol 52021 Heavy Helmet wearable
icon_heavy_exile_pauldron.png Symbol 52022 Heavy Pauldron wearable
icon_heavy_exile_gauntlets.png Symbol 52023 Heavy Gauntlets wearable
icon_heavy_exile_tasset.png Symbol 52024 Heavy Tasset wearable
icon_heavy_exile_sabatons.png Symbol 52025 Heavy Sabatons wearable
52061 XX_Stygian Headdress unknown
52062 XX_Stygian Vest unknown
52064 XX_Stygian Shendyt unknown
52065 XX_Stygian Sandals unknown
icon_darfari_mask_01.png Symbol 52071 Darfari Watcher Mask wearable
icon_darfari_chestpiece.png Symbol 52072 Darfari Skin Chestpiece wearable
icon_darfari_gauntlets.png Symbol 52073 Darfari Skin Bracers wearable
icon_darfari_leggings.png Symbol 52074 Darfari Skin Skirt wearable
icon_darfari_boots.png Symbol 52075 Darfari Skin Greaves wearable
icon_darfari_mask_02.png Symbol 52076 Darfari Speaker Mask wearable
icon_sandstorm_mask.png Symbol 52081 Sandstorm Breathing Mask wearable
icon_upper_body_cloth.png Symbol 52092 Chest Wrap wearable
icon_lower_body_cloth.png Symbol 52094 Loin-cloth wearable
icon_zamorian_dancer_headdress.png Symbol 52101 Zamorian Dancer Headdress wearable
icon_zamorian_dancer_blouse.png Symbol 52102 Zamorian Dancer Blouse wearable
icon_zamorian_dancer_bracelets.png Symbol 52103 Zamorian Dancer Bracelets wearable
icon_zamorian_dancer_skirt.png Symbol 52104 Zamorian Dancer Skirt wearable
icon_zamorian_dancer_anklets.png Symbol 52105 Zamorian Dancer Anklets wearable
52111 XX_Stygian Dancer Headdress unknown
52112 XX_Stygian Dancer Blouse unknown
52113 XX_Stygian Dancer Bracelets unknown
52114 XX_Stygian Dancer Skirt unknown
52115 XX_Stygian Dancer Anklets unknown
icon_worker_shirt.png Symbol 52202 Coarse Tunic wearable
icon_worker_gloves.png Symbol 52203 Coarse Handwraps wearable
icon_worker_trousers.png Symbol 52204 Coarse Leggings wearable
icon_worker_shoes.png Symbol 52205 Coarse Footwraps wearable
icon_apron.png Symbol 52212 Leather Apron wearable
icon_heavy_duty_mittens.png Symbol 52213 Leather Workgloves wearable
icon_shemite_headdress.png Symbol 52221 Shemite Turban wearable
icon_shemite_shirt.png Symbol 52222 Shemite Tunic wearable
icon_shemite_trousers.png Symbol 52224 Shemite Leggings wearable
icon_shemite_shoes.png Symbol 52225 Shemite Shoes wearable
icon_light_exile_cap.png Symbol 52301 Exceptional Light Turban wearable
icon_light_exile_armor.png Symbol 52302 Exceptional Light Chestpiece wearable
icon_light_exile_gauntlets.png Symbol 52303 Exceptional Light Gauntlets wearable
icon_light_exile_loincloth.png Symbol 52304 Exceptional Light Wrap wearable
icon_light_exile_boots.png Symbol 52305 Exceptional Light Boots wearable
icon_light_exile_cap.png Symbol 52401 Flawless Light Turban wearable
icon_light_exile_armor.png Symbol 52402 Flawless Light Chestpiece wearable
icon_light_exile_gauntlets.png Symbol 52403 Flawless Light Gauntlets wearable
icon_light_exile_loincloth.png Symbol 52404 Flawless Light Wrap wearable
icon_light_exile_boots.png Symbol 52405 Flawless Light Boots wearable
icon_stygian_headdress.png Symbol 52501 Setite Mask wearable
icon_stygian_vest.png Symbol 52502 Setite Choker wearable
icon_stygian_shendyt.png Symbol 52504 Setite Shendyt wearable
icon_stygian_sandals.png Symbol 52505 Setite Sandals wearable
icon_darfari_mask_01.png Symbol 52511 Yoggite Watcher Mask wearable
icon_darfari_chestpiece.png Symbol 52512 Yoggite Skin Chestpiece wearable
icon_darfari_gauntlets.png Symbol 52513 Yoggite Skin Bracers wearable
icon_darfari_leggings.png Symbol 52514 Yoggite Skin Skirt wearable
icon_darfari_boots.png Symbol 52515 Yoggite Skin Greaves wearable
icon_mitrean_tunic.png Symbol 52522 Mitraen Tunic wearable
icon_mitrean_gloves.png Symbol 52523 Mitraen Gloves wearable
icon_mitrean_trousers.png Symbol 52524 Mitraen Breeches wearable
icon_mitrean_shoes.png Symbol 52525 Mitraen Shoes wearable
icon_black_hand_top.png Symbol 52532 Black Hand Vest wearable
icon_black_hand_bottom.png Symbol 52534 Black Hand Trousers wearable
52541 Relic Hunter Turban wearable
52542 Relic Hunter Shirt wearable
52543 Relic Hunter Gloves wearable
52544 Relic Hunter Trousers wearable
52545 Relic Hunter Boots wearable
52551 XX_Desert_Dogs_Helmet unknown
52552 XX_Desert_Dogs_Chestpiece unknown
52553 XX_Desert_Dogs_Gauntlets unknown
52554 XX_Desert_Dogs_Tasset unknown
52555 XX_Desert_Dogs_Boots unknown
icon_aloe_extract.png Symbol 53001 Aloe Extract consumable
icon_violet_cureall.png Symbol 53011 Violet Cureall consumable
icon_yellow_lotus_potion.png Symbol 53101 Yellow Lotus Potion consumable
icon_locust_poisen.png Symbol 53201 Reaper Poison consumable
53202 XX_Demon's Bane unknown
icon_blessed_yog_meat.png Symbol 53501 Purified Flesh consumable
icon_ambrosia.png Symbol 53502 Ambrosia consumable
icon_set_antidote.png Symbol 53503 Set Antidote consumable
icon_stonetip_bolt.png Symbol 53511 Flinthead Bolts consumable
icon_ironhead_bolt.png Symbol 53512 Ironhead Bolts consumable
icon_razor_bolt.png Symbol 53513 Razor Bolts consumable
icon_fire_bolt.png Symbol 53514 Fire Bolts consumable
53551 Offering to Yog unknown
53552 Offering to Mitra unknown
53553 Offering to Set unknown
53554 Offering to Mitra unknown
icon_stonetip_arrow.png Symbol 53611 Flinthead Arrows consumable
icon_ironhead_arrow.png Symbol 53612 Ironhead Arrows consumable
icon_razor_arrow.png Symbol 53613 Razor Arrows consumable
icon_fire_arrow.png Symbol 53614 Fire Arrows consumable
icon_snake_arrow.png Symbol 53651 nake Arrows consumable
icon_acolyte_of_set.png Symbol 55001 True Name of Set consumable
icon_acolyte_of_yog.png Symbol 55002 True Name of Yog consumable
icon_acolyte_of_mitra.png Symbol 55003 True Name of Mitra consumable
icon_religion_token.png Symbol 55100 Manifestation of Zeal consumable
icon_imp_idol_eye.png Symbol 60001 Eyes of Hanuman consumable
icon_wooden_bed.png Symbol 80101 Bed building
icon_bed_single_folded.png Symbol 80102 Bed - Folded building
icon_bed_single_stygian.png Symbol 80103 Bed - Stygian building
icon_bedroll-1.png Symbol 80111 Rawhide Bedroll building
icon_bedroll_plant_fiber.png Symbol 80112 Fiber Bedroll building
80121 Sandstorm Tent building
icon_large_water_well.png Symbol 80131 Water Well building
icon_t2_water_well.png Symbol 80132 Large Water Well building
80151 Training Dummy building
icon_archery_target.png Symbol 80152 Archery Target building
icon_spike.png Symbol 80171 Spike building
icon_table_1.png Symbol 80201 Table building
icon_round_table.png Symbol 80202 Table - Round building
icon_siege_palisade_1.png Symbol 80210 Simple Palisade building
icon_siege_palisade_2.png Symbol 80211 Wall Palisade building
icon_stool_A.png Symbol 80251 Square Stool building
icon_stool_B.png Symbol 80252 Round Stool building
icon_stool_C.png Symbol 80253 Woven Stool building
icon_chair_2.png Symbol 80261 Chair building
icon_log_bench.png Symbol 80271 Log Bench building
icon_throne.png Symbol 80281 Stone Throne building
icon_signpost_large.png Symbol 80301 Wooden Signpost building
icon_wall_sign.png Symbol 80302 Wall Sign building
icon_papyrus_scroll.png Symbol 80311 Papyrus Scroll building
icon_torch_standing.png Symbol 80501 Standing Torch building
icon_stygian_brazier.png Symbol 80503 Stygian Brazier building
icon_wall_torch-1.png Symbol 80511 Bracketed Torch building
icon_wall_lantern.png Symbol 80515 Wall Lantern building
icon_White_candle-1.png Symbol 80521 Candle Stub building
icon_candle_tall.png Symbol 80522 White Candle building
icon_black_candle-1.png Symbol 80523 Black Candle building
icon_radium_gem.png Symbol 80531 Radium Gem building
icon_orange_tapestry.png Symbol 80551 Tapestry building
80561 Wall Chains building
icon_awning_orange.png Symbol 80571 Awning building
icon_carpet_stygian_1.png Symbol 80601 Carpet building
icon_hide_rug.png Symbol 80621 Hide Rug building
icon_pillow_1.png Symbol 80631 Pillow building
icon_pottery-1.png Symbol 80651 Earthenware Jug building
icon_metal_pot_1.png Symbol 80661 Iron Pot building
icon_metal_pot_2.png Symbol 80662 Mortarium building
icon_metal_pot_3.png Symbol 80663 Iron Pan building
icon_barrel.png Symbol 80671 Barrel building
80672 Wine Keg building
icon_beer_keg.png Symbol 80673 Ale Keg building
icon_shelf.png Symbol 80695 Shelf building
icon_flag_standing_stygia.png Symbol 80701 Stygian Flag building
icon_flag_hanging1_stygia.png Symbol 80721 Small Banner building
icon_flag_hanging2_stygia.png Symbol 80722 Medium Banner building
80723 Large Banner unknown
icon_flag_hanging3_stygia.png Symbol 80733 Large Banner building
icon_gong.png Symbol 80751 Gong building
icon_horn.png Symbol 80752 Horn building
icon_darfari_wind_chimes.png Symbol 80753 Darfari Wind Chimes building
icon_wooden_box.png Symbol 80851 Wooden Box building
icon_chest.png Symbol 80852 Large Chest building
icon_vault.png Symbol 80853 Vault building
icon_explosive_jar-1.png Symbol 80901 Explosive Jar building
icon_bear_trap.png Symbol 80911 Iron Leg-hold Trap building
80912 Spike Trap building
icon_rabbit_trap.png Symbol 80913 Wooden Leg-hold Trap building
80914 Dust Trap building
icon_t1_alter_of_set.png Symbol 80951 Sepulcher of Set building
icon_t2_alter_of_set.png Symbol 80952 Altar of Set building
icon_t3_alter_of_set.png Symbol 80953 Sanctum of Set building
icon_t1_alter_of_yog.png Symbol 80961 Pit of Yog building
icon_t2_alter_of_yog.png Symbol 80962 Rift of Yog building
icon_t3_alter_of_yog.png Symbol 80963 Abyss of Yog building
icon_t1_altar_of_mitra.png Symbol 80971 Shrine of Mitra building
icon_t2_altar_of_mitra.png Symbol 80972 Santuary of Mitra building
icon_t3_altar_of_mitra.png Symbol 80973 Temple of Mitra building
icon_mitra_fountain_statue.png Symbol 80975 Statue of Refreshment building
icon_mitra_light_statue.png Symbol 80976 Statue of Guidance building
icon_trophy_white.png Symbol 81001 White Rhino Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_rhino_black.png Symbol 81002 Black Rhino Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_king_rhino.png Symbol 81003 Rhino King Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_rhino.png Symbol 81004 Grey Rhino Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_gazelle.png Symbol 81005 Gazelle Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_kudo.png Symbol 81006 Kudo Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_antilope.png Symbol 81007 Antelope Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_rocknose.png Symbol 81008 Rocknose Head Trophy building
icon_trophy_king_rocknose.png Symbol 81009 King Rocknose Head Trophy building
icon_head_rhino_white.png Symbol 82001 White Rhino Head building
icon_head_rhino_black.png Symbol 82002 Black Rhino Head building
icon_head_king_rhino.png Symbol 82003 Rhino King Head building
icon_head_rhino.png Symbol 82004 Grey Rhino Head building
icon_head_gazelle.png Symbol 82005 Gazelle Head building
icon_head_kudo.png Symbol 82006 Kudu Head building
icon_head_antilope.png Symbol 82007 Antelope Head building
icon_head_rocknose.png Symbol 82008 Rocknose Head building
icon_head_king_rocknose.png Symbol 82009 King Rocknose Head building
88882 Skull Rope building
88883 Fence - Stake building
88884 Bone Pile 1 building
88885 Bone Pile 2 building
88887 Stick Skull 1 building
88888 Stick Skull 2 building
88889 Stick Skull 4 building
88890 Skeleton Skull 2 building
88891 Skull High building
icon_campfire_1.png Symbol 89001 Campfire building
icon_bonfire.png Symbol 89010 Bonfire building
icon_furnace.png Symbol 89101 Furnace building
icon_mixer.png Symbol 89103 Firebowl Cauldron building
icon_tannery.png Symbol 89104 Tannery building
icon_armormaking_bench.png Symbol 89201 Armorer's Bench building
icon_metalworking_bench.png Symbol 89301 Blacksmith's Bench building
icon_woodworking_bench.png Symbol 89401 Carpenter's Bench building
89901 Lashing Post (1 slot) building
icon_wheel_of_pain.png Symbol 89911 Lesser Wheel of Pain building
icon_wheel_of_pain_xl.png Symbol 89912 Wheel of Pain building
icon_wheel_of_pain_xxl.png Symbol 89913 Greater Wheel of Pain building
Icon_Foundation-1.png Symbol 90001 Sandstone Foundation building
icon_wall-1.png Symbol 90002 Sandstone Wall building
icon_ceiling_-1.png Symbol 90003 Sandstone Ceiling building
icon_door_wall-1.png Symbol 90004 Sandstone DoorFrame building
icon_stairs-1.png Symbol 90005 Sandstone Stairs building
icon_triangle_ceiling_-1.png Symbol 90006 Sandstone Triangle building
icon_window_wall-1.png Symbol 90007 Sandstone Frame building
icon_t1_door.png Symbol 90008 Simple Wooden Door building
icon_pillar-1.png Symbol 90009 Sandstone Pillar building
icon_t1_fence.png Symbol 90010 Sandstone Fence building
icon_triangle_foundation-1.png Symbol 90011 Sandstone Triangle Foundation building
icon_t1_roofSloped.png Symbol 90013 Thatch Sloped Roof building
icon_t1_roofSloped_triangle_up.png Symbol 90014 Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_left.png Symbol 90015 Left-sloping Sandstone Wall building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_right.png Symbol 90017 Right-sloping Sandstone Wall building
icon_t1_roofSloped_triangle_down.png Symbol 90018 Inverted Thatch Wedge Sloped Roof building
icon_t1_window_hatch.png Symbol 90019 Sandstone Window building
icon_t1_fence_foundation.png Symbol 90020 Sandstone Fence Foundation building
icon_t2_foundation.png Symbol 90101 Stonebrick Foundation building
icon_t2_wall.png Symbol 90102 Stonebrick Wall building
icon_t2_ceiling.png Symbol 90103 Stonebrick Ceiling building
icon_t2_doorFrame.png Symbol 90104 Stonebrick Doorframe building
icon_t2_stairs.png Symbol 90105 Stonebrick Stairs building
icon_t2_triangle.png Symbol 90106 Stonebrick Wedge building
icon_t2_windowWall.png Symbol 90107 Stonebrick Frame building
icon_t2_door.png Symbol 90108 Reinforced Wooden Door building
icon_t2_pillar.png Symbol 90109 Stonebrick Piller building
icon_t2_fence.png Symbol 90110 Stonebrick Fence building
icon_t2_triangle_foundation.png Symbol 90111 Stonebrick Wedge Foundation building
icon_t2_roofSloped.png Symbol 90113 Wooden Sloped Roof building
icon_t2_roofSloped_triangle_up.png Symbol 90114 Wooden Wedge Sloped Roof building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_left.png Symbol 90115 Left-sloping Stonebrick Wall building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_right.png Symbol 90117 Right-sloping Stonebrick Wall building
icon_t2_roofSloped_triangle_down.png Symbol 90118 Inverted Wooden Wedge Sloped Roof building
icon_t2_fence_foundation.png Symbol 90120 Stonebrick Fence Foundation building
icon_t2_gate_frame.png Symbol 90121 Stonebrick Gateway building
icon_t2_gate_doors.png Symbol 90122 Stonebrick Gate building
icon_t3_foundation.png Symbol 90201 Reinforced Stone Foundation building
icon_t3_wall.png Symbol 90202 Reinforced Stone Wall building
icon_t3_ceiling.png Symbol 90203 Reinforced Stone Ceiling building
icon_t3_doorFrame.png Symbol 90204 Reinforced Stone Doorway building
icon_t3_stairs.png Symbol 90205 Reinforced Stone Stairs building
icon_t3_triangle.png Symbol 90206 Reinforced Stone Wedge building
icon_t3_windowWall.png Symbol 90207 Reinforced Stone Frame building
icon_t3_door.png Symbol 90208 Heavy Reinforced Door building
icon_t3_pillar.png Symbol 90209 Reinforced Stone Pillar building
icon_t3_fence.png Symbol 90210 Reinforced Stone Fence building
icon_t3_triangle_foundation.png Symbol 90211 Reinforced Stone Wedge Foundation building
icon_t3_roofSloped.png Symbol 90213 Tiled Sloped Roof building
icon_t3_roofSloped_triangle_up.png Symbol 90214 Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_left.png Symbol 90215 Left-sloping Reinforced Stone Wall building
icon_t1_wall_sloped_right.png Symbol 90217 Right-sloping Reinforced Stone Wall building
icon_t3_roofSloped_triangle_down.png Symbol 90218 Inverted Tiled Wedge Sloped Roof building
90219 Heavy Reinforced Door unknown
icon_t3_fence_foundation.png Symbol 90220 Reinforced Stone Fence Foundation building
icon_t3_gate_frame.png Symbol 90221 Reinforced Stone Gateway building
icon_t3_gate_doors.png Symbol 90222 Reinforced Stone Gateway building
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