The first steps in a new game are known to be the most difficult. Therefore the recommended steps are brought closer.

First of all, the basic needs should be fulfilled: drinking, eating, protection. The first two should be self-explanatory, while the third basic requirement is above all the protection from the desert.

In the vicinity you can find the corpse of a traveler who has a water hose. This will ease the thirst for the first few minutes.

In the search for a more shady place, you should keep away from the cursed wall. This is characterized by very large stone columns and guarantees a fast, but painful death, when these are passed through.

A safe road is to the mountains. The way there is surrounded by ancient ruins. If possible collect stones and twigs for improvised tools such as a hatchet and a hoe.

The road on the island is full of dangers. There are hungry animals who are not afraid of humans and are only too fond of tearing you flesh from the bones. So make a shield and a sword very early. Do not forget that even the best shield can not protect you against a large horde of monsters.

Since the elements are also against you, you should build an accommodation as early as possible. Stone walls are to be preferred on foundations, since these are relatively easy to manufacture and offer protection from sand storms. Be careful, however, that the accommodation is close to a food and water source.

These first steps should ensure survival. Now it is on you to write the history of your character. You can be trader, build cities, become king, or simply subdue the world with your power.

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