This article will show you the required informations about a specific item, how to craft it and if you want, how to cheat it in Conan Exiles for PC and XBOX.

True Name of Mitra Symbol
Long NameT4 True Name of Mitra
DescriptionUse to invoke the Avatar of Mitra
Repair Cost
150x Lingering Essence
150x Manifestation of Zeal


XP per Craft200
Crafted in/withInventory
Crafting Materials
200x Lingering Essence
200x Manifestation of Zeal

Spawn Command

If you want to get this item, just copy the command below in your console (~ or INSERT Button) and press enter. The item will spawn in your inventory. Of course this only works in singleplayer or on a server where you're set as admin.
SpawnItem 55003 1
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