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Locations of the Religion NPCs / Recovering lost Religion

Some people accidentally loose their religion after they use the Yellow Lotus Potion. This way you’ll loose the Tier 1 Altars and you need 50 skillpoints to relearn them – but there is hope! You can get the Altars for free if you visit the NPC for your religion. Mek-Kamoses (SET) Jamila the Pirate Queen […]

How to ban players from a Conan Exiles multiplayer server

It’s pretty common after a while to see some people on his own servers, which are just toxic for the server. Here is a short tutorial how to ban these players from the server: Step 1: Activation of the Admin-Console. I suggest reading this article on how to open the admin console: “” Step 2: […]

How to Cheat Items

We dont ask why you want to cheat, we just tell you how it works 😉 If you want to cheat some items, you’ll have to be either in singleplayer mode or an admin on a server. You can read this tutorial on how to get admin access on your server. After you’ve gained admin […]

Dynamic Clan Management Map

One of most difficult thing about coordinating a clan in Conan Exiles is that it’s incredibly hard to keep track of all the locations of outposts, good resources, enemy bases, or other interesting things. How great would it be if each Clan had a map, on which everyone could mark points of interests? You can […]

Running a Conan Exiles Dedicated Gameserver on Windows

Running a Conan Exiles Gameserver on Windows is pretty easy (in comparison to linux). But it requires a few steps. Download SteamCMD from: Extract the contents of the zip Install SteamCMD to a directory for example: c:\steamcmd Run SteamCMD once to start the self update Run SteamCMD with the following command to download the […]

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