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Conan Exiles Patch 11.02.2017

Changes The ghostly warrior to the southwest of the Exiled Lands has passed on to the next realm. Fixes & Improvements Performed optimizations to help reduce server lag. Fixed certain cases where altars would disappear after a server restart. If you still encounter this issue, please let us know! Fixed connecting to dedicated servers when […]

Conan Exiles Patches 07.02.2017 to 10.02.2017

Patch 07.02.2017 Fixed potential server crash with chat system. Fixed a server crash that could occur when “actors” left the world. Postpone steam connection until the map is loaded (should help servers timing out) Physx will now run on multiple threads on the server which should improve performance. Thralls will now attack other human NPCs. […]

Conan Exiles Patches 03.02.2017 to 06.02.2017

Patch 03.02.2017 Fixed a server crash that resulted when players entered specific areas of the game. Players should now receive an informative dialogue box when failing to connect to the game. Added a fix to address the main menu becoming unresponsive when entering an incorrect password on the server browser The password dialogue will now […]

Conan Exiles Patches 31.01.2017 to 02.02.2017

Patch 31.01.2017 Fixed an issue that was causing disconnects when joining servers in certain cases Fix for Steam Connect; you should now be able to join a server when the client is running from the Steam server list (not just the clients) Voice chat has been disabled during character creation Loot bags will now despawn […]

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