Building an accommodation or even a village should always be second to fulfilling the basic needs. The construction of a shelter requires many resources and experience.

All building materials are divided into three categories: 1 (Basic), 2 (Advanced), 3 (Expert). At the beginning, of course, only the simpler components of Category 1 made of wood and stone can be built. These offer protection from the elements, but not from malicious attackers. The better components look not only more beautiful, but are also significantly more robust. Category 3 elements don´t look like simple components, but rather like parts of a fortress.

Before you can build the walls you need to build the foundation. These are available as rectangles and as triangles, which can be combined with one another to the desired floor plan. These foundations can be raised to evenly level the ground. Walls can now be built at the edges of these foundations, and they can also be restarted to simplify the construction itself. A ceiling can be built on each wall, which in turn can function as a new floor.

There are hardly any limitations in the construction of the buildings, as long as the necessary resources are available, mountain slopes and cliffs can be equipped with buildings. Only supporting posts are needed for this.

An empty house is, of course, only half the rent. Furniture is also needed. Here, beds, chairs, wallpapers, tables, trophies and much more can be built, which makes life in the house warm and welcoming. The outer facade can also be adapted with banners, flags, sun sails and much more.

However, it should not be forgotten that even the strongest house can be destroyed again. So there are some explosives that break even category 3 walls. So build also traps and other items that can defend you.

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