Conan Exiles Patch 17.2.2017 – Patchnotes

Fresh from the development team: the patchnotes for Conan Exiles. This time with an urgent information for all server admins:

Due to an issue, all server admins are recommended to change their server's administrator password as soon as their servers are updated to the latest version.

Performance and Tech Fixes

  • The game should now start more quickly

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Explosive jars should no longer be stackable on top of each other
  • The building placement previews are visible once again in Local play
  • Character Rubberbanding has been reduced
  • Placeables should no longer lose items stored inside them
  • Console command ‘Walk’ can now only be used by admins in order to fix an exploit
  • The ‘History’ filter is back and should now function as intended
  • Dropping multiple items from inventory should no longer turn them invisible
  • Using “Loot All” option on corpses and loot bags should now work correctly

Balance and Gameplay Fixes

  • Waterskins can once again be refilled from the river
  • Inverted Wooden Roof Wedge and Stonebrick Frame now require Journeyman Craftsman instead of Master Craftsman
  • Hyenas and spiders are now less dangerous
  • Fast attacks with Two-handed hammers have been temporarily disabled
  • Caves near the starting area no longer cause Corruption
  • The gods of Exiles now prevent you from harvesting the same player corpse for 30 minutes. Attempting to do so will show a “Rigor Mortis” message


  • If you activate a mod that requires a restart then the game will inform you
  • Renamed DevKit button to “Conan Exiles Dev Kit”
  • Fixed Crash when opening the shortcut bar in DevKit
  • Fixed possible issue with server admin passwords. All server admins should change their admin passwords as quickly as possible following this patch.
  • Fixed broken mods loading after last patch

Known Issues

  • We are aware of some issues with Explosive Jars. We expect to have fixes for these next week.
  • We are also aware of the existence of issues with related to jump “boosting” or jump-crouching. We have a fix and expect to roll it out soon.
  • We are aware that players may occasionally be sent to the Main Menu while loading and can interact with the menu. We are working on a fix.

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