Conan Exiles Patches 31.01.2017 to 02.02.2017

Patch 31.01.2017

  • Fixed an issue that was causing disconnects when joining servers in certain cases
  • Fix for Steam Connect; you should now be able to join a server when the client is running from the Steam server list (not just the clients)
  • Voice chat has been disabled during character creation
  • Loot bags will now despawn correctly
  • Fixed an issue that could sometimes lead to server stalls
  • Servers are now sorted by number of players on server
  • The server selection menu should now be fixed, showing you all servers and without delay
  • Fists, Repair Hammer, and low level weapons can no longer damage buildings
  • Issues with people dying from hunger after respawn should be fixed

Patch 02.02.2017

  • Removed network congestion from big buildings, reducing lag
  • Disabled random NPC taunts during combat
  • Fixed an issue with some players getting stuck after character creation
  • Fixed a bug where loading screens disappear (showing main menu or the world)
  • Fixed incorrect settings on port values for servers, making it less likely you will be disconnected when entering a new server
  • Added a “Show full servers” checkbox to the server window
  • Introduced a possible fix for building pieces not loading properly
  • Graphics driver check on startup, encouraging you to update if needed
  • Several other minor tweaks and improvements
  • Fixed thralls resetting on server restart. The issue occured if people picked up then placed their thralls again. They weren’t being saved.

Patch 02.02.2017a

  • You will now be able to click through on screen popup messages
  • It will no longer be possible to destroy Sandstone buildings with Stone or Iron Weapons. Steel weapons will still be able to destroy them.
  • It will no longer be possible to destroy Stonebrick buildings with Iron or steel weapons. It will require explosives to destroy them
  • Weapons found in chests will not be able to hurt Sandstone buildings.
  • Projectiles (Arrows) will no longer do damage to buildings of any type.
  • We have added a “Player List” GUI to the admin panel. Admins will be able to use this to get a list of all the players currently connected to their server. From this list they will be able to ban unwelcome players from their server.


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